Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dating Tips for Smoking Hot Dates

by TW Jackson

Dating tips like this don't come around often so pay attention. You want your dates to be something a little outside the ordinary. You want the air around you and your date to sizzle with passion and threaten to consume all those who get in between you and your date right? It can happen but not if you go in bumping, grinding, and talking crude. Here's what you need to do instead.

1)Say it with your eyes and not your words. Non verbal communication actually gets the message across in ways that words could never manage. If you're looking to make some serious waves in the sexual tension department you're going to need to master a few looks of your own. You don't have to deliver or even promise. Just let your eyes send the message that it's on your mind. You might find that your date is having the same thoughts.

2)Flirt. Be bold and outrageous in your flirting efforts. If it looks to be well received you can take things to the next level. If it seems to surprise or shock the other person you can reel it in a bit. There's something to be said about the ebb and flow of coming on strong and then reeling it back anyway that lets the other person know of your interest in one turn but removes any pressure in the next.

3)Touch. No groping please. Touching and groping are a different as night and day. Where one is a definite turn on the other, not so much. Hold hands, massage, tickle, tempt, and tease. These things all work wonders for building sexual tension and can set the stage for some dates that will leave you both taking cold showers once the night ends. The sexiest thing you can do for the sake of future dates though is hold the tension over to the next date and the next date constantly allowing it to build. At some point you'll both be mindless with it but the building and denying is half the fun and something that makes for some fantastic dates.

4)Whisper. Talking soft and low makes you both listen harder to hear what the other party is saying. It invites leaning in and closeness and creates an intimacy that many couples don't enjoy.

5)Be prepared. There's nothing worse than weeks of merciless teasing followed by a big moment that no one is prepared for. Make sure you have a nice supply of protection ready to go when you decide the time is right. There is no point in killing the mood you've worked so hard to foster with frustration or losing the momentum altogether and beginning again at square one.

There are quite a few things you can do to heighten the sexual tension and really turn up the heat while dating. These will have you off to a sizzling hot start. Will they work when trying to stir the embers of a long dead relationship? It's quite possible.

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